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Texas Wine Advocates was born in 2012 at a time when Texas wines were seldom mentioned in any discussion of fine regional wines.  Much has happened since then, and today Texas wines are increasingly included in media coverage of emerging top wine regions, and the number of vineyards and wineries in Texas is exploding.  The feeling here is similar to Napa, California in the ‘60s. 

Texas Wine Advocates, too, has evolved.  In the beginning, the organization was a for-profit known as the Texas Wine & Food Consortium, devoting its attention and resources to an industry program to evaluate Texas-produced wines and provide counsel to winemakers.  Today, the organization is an IRS-approved 501c3 non-profit renamed the Texas Wine Advocates, dedicated not only to an appreciation of Texas-produced wines through its Texas Wine Journal, but also to advancing consumer education on the unique expression of Texas-produced wines – in Texas and throughout the world. 

We believe Texas, like Napa and other great wine regions emerging in the last 15 years, will soon be recognized globally as a wine region of incomparable quality and value.  Texas Wine Advocates is dedicated to advancing an appreciation of Texas-produced wines and to celebrating the Texas wine journey, much like the legendary organizations that have served great wine regions in California, France, Italy and Spain.